November 8, 2022  

10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Haus der Jugend in Marburg

Pedagogical Conference with the media networks *klick* and medisa

Young people today grow up with digital media, which plays an important role in their gender and sexual socialisation. It can have a positive influence on relationship management and (sexual) identity development. On the other hand, the nature of time and space-independent communication poses a variety of risks of misuse.


For professionals, the challenge is to recognise digitally charged (mediatised) sexualised violence and to limit its consequences. In both prevention and intervention, it must also be taken into account that digital media influence the subjective experience of reality.


These ideas will be reflected upon and discussed at the event “Sexualised Violence and Digital Media: Actions and Attitude”.

The event aims to impart basic knowledge on how to deal with mediatised sexualised violence. In small groups and based on concrete case studies, the participants together with the speakers reflect on professional standards. The participants also receive concrete suggestions for prevention and intervention.


Cost: None

Registration:, by phone: 06421 405 1660 or 1368

Registration deadline: Monday, November 07, 2022

Attention: Limited number of participants!

Venue: Haus der Jugend, Frankfurter Straße 21, 35037 Marburg