This article provides insights into the project findings from the research project HUMAN, which form the foundation for the development of the recommendations for professionally addressing mediatised sexualized violence.

In the Article “Mediatisierte Gewalt – Diffusion – Transzendenz. Erscheinungsformen und Herausforderungen sexualisierter Gewalt mit digitalem Medieneinsatz” (Mediatized Violence – Diffusion – Transcendence. Manifestations and challenges associated with sexualised violence through the use of digital media.), the team from SRH uses empirical case analyses to unpack the subject of sexualised violence against children and adolescents committed using digital media. They find that sexualised violence committed using digital media (1) is experienced as diffuse, (2) transcends space and time, (3) unleashes ongoing anxieties, (4) repeatedly re-ensnares victims, (5) is disparately assessed by the involved parties (e.g. parents, victims, counsellors, etc.) and (6) is often characterised by multiple victims coming forward simultaneously. The article focuses on the empirically emerging phenomena and particularities for professionally addressing sexualised violence using digital media rather than the concrete recommendations.

The article was published in issue 1/2020 of the professional journal “Kindesmisshandlung und -vernachlässigung”. The article can be downloaded here: