In this monograph, the SRH team will outline case-based recommendations for professionally addressing mediatised sexualised violence against children and adolescents. These recommendations were empirically developed through a participatory process within the framework of the BMBF sponsored Project HUMAN for the purpose of pedagogical practice.

Digital media are instruments and platforms by and through which sexualised violence against children and adolescents can occur. They must always be taken into account in cases of assault, whether these incidents are perpetrated by strangers or by individuals closely known to their victims. Their use perpetuates the burdens experienced by victims and results in a high level of complexity during interventions. The recommendations use seven typical case examples to elaborate on suitable approaches for addressing mediatised sexualised violence. These recommendations comprise the findings of Project “HUMAN”, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education (BMBF). They were empirically developed based upon contributions from affected persons as well as experts from the disciplines of law, psychology, education and social work, and they encompass case reflections as well as concrete approaches for action. Our monograph “Sexualised violence and digital media. Reflexive recommendations for professional practice” will be available for free download through Springer Nature.